Climbing the Hill

Climbing the Hill
Rob Carpenter
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Thank you for visiting this website!

Climbing the Hill was created 5 years ago as a way of spreading best practice and sharing ideas between teachers.  I believe passionately that schools improve 'bottom up' rather than 'top down' and wanted to celebrate the amazing work taking place in schools.  Giving away our best ideas forces us to create new ones!    

I hope this website serves as a useful resource and reference point for teachers everywhere.  

Contact me at or @carpenter_rob


  • 08:40 PM - 22nd January, 2019 Having a great day with exploring Brilliant ideas and enthusiasm for integrating immersive story worlds into the curriculum Read more
  • 08:39 PM - 22nd January, 2019 It’s been a great morning so far hearing from the team. We have been immersed in stories from all over the globe. The world has certainly come to us this morning 🌍❤️ Read more
  • 04:29 PM - 22nd January, 2019 An exciting and fruitful morning of CPD with HTs and SLTs from . Fantastic contributions and creative ideas from every single participant! Read more
  • 09:35 AM - 22nd January, 2019 Love the emphasis on aspects of learning in your Manifesto for Excellence in Schools.
  • 09:35 AM - 22nd January, 2019 Really interesting book that links domain to .. Read more
  • 07:32 PM - 21st January, 2019 Showcases are booking up well for the whole of 2019. Only 7 places available at our May showcase with guest speaker Please look out for an exciting announcement of our speaker at the July Reading Showcase. Book your place here Read more Read more
  • 12:23 PM - 21st January, 2019 Looking forward to visit us this year after reading this....a wealth of authentic advice linked to research & most importantly, personal experience. Challenges current thinking with pupils at the heart of it all. It’s an Exp+ from me! Read more
  • 08:26 AM - 21st January, 2019 Really looking forward to the second day working with leaders from talking about ‘The Learning Imperative’ Read more
  • 07:49 PM - 20th January, 2019 Slides from 'A Curriculum for Excellence' session can be accessed here: Read more The link to a fab curriculum blog from our teachers ...Read more Other curriculum resources can be downloaded here: Read more Read more
  • 07:49 PM - 20th January, 2019 These link directly with the Maths that we are applying. Take a look at these! Read more