Climbing the Hill

Climbing the Hill
Rob Carpenter
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Thank you for visiting this website!

Climbing the Hill was created 5 years ago as a way of spreading best practice and sharing ideas between teachers.  I believe passionately that schools improve 'bottom up' rather than 'top down' and wanted to celebrate the amazing work taking place in schools.  Giving away our best ideas forces us to create new ones!    

I hope this website serves as a useful resource and reference point for teachers everywhere.  

Contact me at or @carpenter_rob


  • 10:45 PM - 21st October, 2018 I read it from cover to cover this afternoon!! Couldn’t put it down. Now to go back and reflect on the questions throughout. Mini plenaries will never be the same again 🤣!
  • 10:01 PM - 21st October, 2018 Love these well Year 2 Read more
  • 06:20 PM - 21st October, 2018 An afternoon well spent reading this book! A thought provoking and inspiring approach to school improvement. Having visited the two schools this book is based on, I can honestly say quality and high expectations ripples through the corridors of these schools Read more
  • 04:33 PM - 21st October, 2018 Why doesn’t your machine work, isn’t it a cold feed? Not from your boiler?
  • 04:33 PM - 21st October, 2018 A Manifesto for Excellence by guides all teachers and leaders on how to transform learning journeys so that your school is inclusive and supportive, creating the best education for all. Read more Read more
  • 04:26 PM - 21st October, 2018 My boiler is broke so I’m at the laundrette thank goodness I have this to keep me company and inspire me. Read more
  • 08:58 PM - 19th October, 2018 Fantstic, hilarious and inspirational session in Norwich today. You are so funny you made me cry but more importantly gave me time to reflect and take things back to school to improve the lives of our children. Thank you!
  • 08:57 PM - 19th October, 2018 My weekend reading has arrived. 👍🏼 Read more