Climbing the Hill

Climbing the Hill
Rob Carpenter


Executive Headteacher with Foxfield and Woodhill Primary Schools in South East London.  Committed to sharing best practice and leadership thinking; learning from each other and generally being useful.  From the blogs to the documents, there are resources and ideas we want to share and believe can make a difference.  Giving away our best ideas helps us create new ones. Feedback welcomed!

Rob Carpenter

"But revolutions dont wait for legislation.  They emerge from what people do at ground level.  Education doesnt happen in committee rooms or the rhetoric of politicians.  Its what goes on between learners and teachers in actual schools"

Sir Ken Robinson (Creative Schools)


  • 10:15 PM - 29th June, 2016 thank you! Really enjoyed spending time with you all. Good luck with all you are doing. It's very inspiring.
    10:14 PM - 29th June, 2016 So happy to be a part of this today Read more
  • 09:57 PM - 29th June, 2016 thank you! Really appreciate it!
    09:56 PM - 29th June, 2016 you were brilliantly inspiring. Thank you!
  • 06:51 PM - 29th June, 2016 I remember as Chair of Govs at Alma Primary in S London. He wanted best for children & believed in education as a powerful force
    02:02 PM - 29th June, 2016 Huge thanks to the Gorse Academies Trust for inviting me to speak today. United in moral purpose, belief & learning Read more
  • 01:13 PM - 29th June, 2016 thank you!! Really enjoyed spending time with everyone. Good luck with the amazing work you are all doing.
    01:12 PM - 29th June, 2016 Inspiring talk from this morning!Reminding me why I do what I do &that I must always continue to learn &make useful mistakes!
  • 08:17 AM - 29th June, 2016 Very excited to be speaking with over 400 colleagues from the GORSE academies trust in Leeds this morning. Read more
    10:31 PM - 28th June, 2016 "Democracy works best when it's tested..." Love this.... Read more
  • 06:56 PM - 28th June, 2016 beginning to publish our writing linked to art week Read more
    06:53 PM - 28th June, 2016 Check out our Inspire Partnership Primary Leadership Programme. Now taking bookings for 2016/17 cohort 4... Read more