Climbing the Hill

Climbing the Hill
Rob Carpenter


Executive Headteacher with Foxfield and Woodhill Primary Schools in South East London.  Committed to sharing best practice and leadership thinking; learning from each other and generally being useful.  From the blogs to the documents, there are resources and ideas we want to share and believe can make a difference.  Giving away our best ideas helps us create new ones. Feedback welcomed!

Rob Carpenter

"But revolutions dont wait for legislation.  They emerge from what people do at ground level.  Education doesnt happen in committee rooms or the rhetoric of politicians.  Its what goes on between learners and teachers in actual schools"

Sir Ken Robinson (Creative Schools)


  • 12:27 PM - 15th August, 2018 My response to report on the self-improving system. I offer a different view from that of Educations leaders are made of stronger moral fibre Read more
    02:55 PM - 10th August, 2018 First edu book of the holidays by and it’s a great one. Key learning so far: ask more questions based on true interest and create an organisational culture built on genuine relationships rather than task completion. Read more
  • 09:29 AM - 10th August, 2018 Once you control for background factors, students attending private US schools have the same academic achievement as those attending public schools: Read more. Given the smaller classes in private schools, this suggests that the teaching must be quite a bit worse...
    10:03 AM - 9th August, 2018 Less than 1% of the overall population are Oxbridge educated, yet a high proportion of the professional elite studied at Oxbridge. Find out more about Britain's : Read more Read more
  • 02:41 PM - 8th August, 2018 Loved reading The Culture Code by Cant wait to share learning with staff from Key thoughts: 1. Build a culture of safety and connectedness 2. Embrace vulnerability/useful learning mistakes 3. Continuously communicate narrative of shared purpose/goals Read more
    03:51 PM - 7th August, 2018 Another of the powerful pieces by that has been shortlisted for an award - and richly deserved Read more