Climbing the Hill

Climbing the Hill
Rob Carpenter
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Thank you for visiting this website!

Climbing the Hill was created 5 years ago as a way of spreading best practice and sharing ideas between teachers.  I believe passionately that schools improve 'bottom up' rather than 'top down' and wanted to celebrate the amazing work taking place in schools.  Giving away our best ideas forces us to create new ones!    

I hope this website serves as a useful resource and reference point for teachers everywhere.  

Contact me at or @carpenter_rob


  • 12:22 PM - 23rd September, 2020 Just over 3 weeks to go till our online 'A Curriculum for Excellence' session led by . Find out more here: Read more Read more
  • 05:40 PM - 21st September, 2020 Delighted that the wonderful will be chairing the new BAME leaders network. Info below on how members can sign up. Read more
  • 12:16 PM - 19th September, 2020 A fab read Thanks for posting! Read more
  • 12:14 PM - 19th September, 2020 I am so proud to be part our amazing Pupil Leadership team, with the children having such a huge role in leadership within our school. It’s an honour to share our children’s achievements and I can’t wait to see what they do this year! Read more
  • 07:49 AM - 19th September, 2020 Always learning from and - so good to catch up today - looking forward to the power of 3!
  • 07:49 AM - 19th September, 2020 Been a tough week, endless self doubt over decisions made, actions taken etc & then a chance conversation with a parent at home time, he tells you you’re doing a good job, appreciates all the school does.....makes a world of difference... happy Friday!!!!
  • 04:48 PM - 17th September, 2020 Our curriculum excites us too! Join us online on the 15th October for our 'A Curriculum for Excellence' Inset, where we will be sharing our model of global learning which equips children to thrive in a modern complex society. Find out more here: Read more Read more
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  • 07:08 AM - 8th September, 2020 I’ll sleep tonight, great to be back big thanks to parents for patience and understanding.....even more thanks to our children....was brilliant having them all back..... full attendance... we’re back in business!!!!!
  • 05:09 PM - 7th September, 2020 This will be a great event. We will also provide some curriculum give aways to attendees to support curriculum thinking back in schools... Read more