Climbing the Hill

Climbing the Hill
Rob Carpenter


Executive Headteacher with Foxfield and Woodhill Primary Schools in South East London.  Committed to sharing best practice and leadership thinking; learning from each other and generally being useful.  From the blogs to the documents, there are resources and ideas we want to share and believe can make a difference.  Giving away our best ideas helps us create new ones. Feedback welcomed!

Rob Carpenter

"But revolutions dont wait for legislation.  They emerge from what people do at ground level.  Education doesnt happen in committee rooms or the rhetoric of politicians.  Its what goes on between learners and teachers in actual schools"

Sir Ken Robinson (Creative Schools)


  • 06:31 PM - 17th September, 2017 Antonio Valencia's goal with Alan Partirdge commentary is perfect. Thank you for this masterpiece. Read more
    07:09 PM - 15th September, 2017 Awesome new artwork installed today in the entrance to offices Read more
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  • 09:37 AM - 11th September, 2017 Today we launch our training programme. Looking forward to meeting the new cohort and their headteachers later
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    09:15 PM - 6th September, 2017 Loved sharing this clip with staff. Great for a assembly. All about the practice! Read more
  • 06:13 AM - 5th September, 2017 Congratulations to staff, pupils and the Upton Primary community! A terrific report & well deserved! Read more
    06:09 AM - 5th September, 2017 📋 Our OFSTED report has been published. 📢 We are pleased to announce our OUTSTANDING judgement in all areas! ➡️ Read more Read more
  • 10:25 PM - 1st September, 2017 The mere fact this statement has been put out? I'm actually astonished. Read more
    10:04 PM - 1st September, 2017 Nice of West Ham chairman to distance himself from his manager's leadership decisions Sullivan verdict Read more