Climbing the Hill

Climbing the Hill
Rob Carpenter


Executive Headteacher with Foxfield and Woodhill Primary Schools in South East London.  Committed to sharing best practice and leadership thinking; learning from each other and generally being useful.  From the blogs to the documents, there are resources and ideas we want to share and believe can make a difference.  Giving away our best ideas helps us create new ones. Feedback welcomed!

Rob Carpenter

"But revolutions dont wait for legislation.  They emerge from what people do at ground level.  Education doesnt happen in committee rooms or the rhetoric of politicians.  Its what goes on between learners and teachers in actual schools"

Sir Ken Robinson (Creative Schools)


  • 08:27 PM - 19th April, 2017 lots to think about after a very useful and thought provoking day.
    07:27 PM - 19th April, 2017 Come and find out about the outstanding opportunities to work for Foxfield Primary School Read more
  • 07:27 PM - 19th April, 2017 We are looking forward to meeting potential teachers and leaders at open evening on Friday. Read more
    07:27 PM - 19th April, 2017 We are ready for a new term of exciting ! Read more
  • 07:26 PM - 19th April, 2017 Walnut class are starting their new topic 'Go Wild' Read more
    07:25 PM - 19th April, 2017 Benji learning new tricks Read more
  • 04:44 PM - 19th April, 2017 SATs on the way but our YR6 tchr provides a magical curriculum in an incredible environment Read more
    08:54 AM - 19th April, 2017 Excited to working with St Marie's RC Primary collaborative today. Focussing on creating a climate for excellence for ALL children.
  • 07:40 PM - 18th April, 2017 We know our core text has a troll and 3 goats...we explored our provision and used hooks to work out our core text in reception Read more
    08:18 PM - 13th April, 2017 A brilliant display. Well done to everyone. Read more
  • 04:09 PM - 12th April, 2017 KS2 Writing: Moderated & Unmoderated Results Now includes results from Brighton & Hove and Southampton Read more
    04:06 PM - 12th April, 2017 recruiting for their Future Leaders programme this year! Apply by 26 April Read more Read more