A Manifesto for Excellence

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I decided to write ‘A Manifesto for Excellence in Schools’ to tell the story of Foxfield and Woodhill primary schools, both part of the Inspire Partnership, and their journeys to success.  It struck me that for too long, the narrative of improving our education system has centred on the idea of being ever more ‘rigorous’ or ‘uncompromising’ - as though these vacuous concepts could ever be considered as a strategy in themselves. 

By contrast, believing in people, communities; focusing on providing curriculum experiences which connect skills with application and opportunities to challenge thinking, really has the capacity to transform the possibilities within schools.  In other words, bottom up, learning centred leadership. 

Copies of the book can be purchased here.  You can also download resources which are referenced in the book here. 

Name Date  
21st century to use.jpg 25th Sep 2018 Download
Designing Clear Learning Intentions and... 21st May 2014 Download
Example of Teaching and Learning Expecta... 10th Sep 2018 Download
Expansive Curriculum to use copy.jpg 25th Sep 2018 Download
Foxfield Core Teaching and Learning Expe... 02nd May 2014 Download
Foxfield Teaching and Learning Expectati... 21st Apr 2014 Download
Framework for personal learning.jpg 25th Sep 2018 Download
From Conceptual Understanding to Mastery... 23rd May 2015 Download
Gert Biesta slide.jpg 25th Sep 2018 Download
Great Lessons Ensure... 21st Apr 2014 Download
KS2 Fiction Pupil Reflection Postcards 07th Jun 2015 Download
Learning Expectations Poster 12th Apr 2014 Download
Learning Reflection Cards for Parents 28th Jun 2015 Download
Learning Review and Reflection Cards 17th May 2015 Download
Learning Walls Expectations Poster 12th Apr 2014 Download
Looking for Learning: A 5 Step Guide To... 01st Feb 2015 Download
Maths Learning Reflection Cards 16th Jun 2015 Download
Maths Teaching and Learning Resources 30th Sep 2014 Download
Maths Teaching and Learning Resources 30th Sep 2014 Download
Mid Term Planning Check List 13th Apr 2014 Download
Modelling Expectations Poster 27th Apr 2014 Download
Organic.jpg 25th Sep 2018 Download
Pupil Learning Reflection and Assessment... 08th Jun 2015 Download
Reading Pupil Reflection and Assessment... 08th Jun 2015 Download
Teaching and Learning Expectations Poste... 12th Apr 2014 Download
Using Evidence To Improve Teaching and L... 13th Sep 2014 Download